Making HER Future!

Making HER Future! is a team of tech enthusiasts who are champions of female advancement in the tech space. Our vision is to provide young girls in our community with equal opportunities and to spark a curiosity in a tech focused learning experience that is immersive and engaging. Our idea is to conduct a series of interactive workshops in an effort to spark a greater interest that advances as these young girls begin to develop their educational pursuits.

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About us
Making HER Future is a tech venture initiated by a group of graduate students at Simon Fraser University. -Naghmi is a PhD in Computation Design and is passionate about teaching, she has been teaching for the past 8 years or so, for which she has designed the curriculum including the class activities. She has two daughters, bringing in her pure understanding of mother-daughter bonding and deeply cares about this initiative. -Talia is a UBC grad and is a policy professional who works with the local government. She brings her professional experience to enable realistic planning and connecting with science groups and school districts. -Maryam is a current MSc student at SFU and loves teaching and is a tech-enthusiast. -Niloofar is also a current MSc student at SFU with a background in computing. She has worked with children of different ages at the Girl Guides of Canada, where she has collaborated in holding STEM workshops for girls. With her experience in tech, she brings critical thinking to the tech activity design, and instructing. -Ahmed is a graduate student at SFU. His passion for playing and making games drove him to study computer science, which then sparked his interest in many other fields and took him to many places! Seeing how an education in STEM transformed his life, Ahmed strongly believes that everybody should be given the chance and support they need to pursue their interests.